Shane and I fly out — ski launching our Scout Paramotors on a frigid winter morning up to Washington Lake, UT (10,000ft).
Lakes all around with untouched powder made for ripe conditions to fly by, land and build a few snow caves to stay the night. After a very successful fire built on snow, we settled in for a warm night in our caves.
The next morning the wind was blowing and gusting even harder. I thought I’d still try to ski launch out of there but a quick change in wind and heavy powder made for an entertaining (soft) crash. With good fortune too, as we immediately saw clouds aloft blowing by in excess of 40-50 mph. I would have been taken to Wyoming had I got off the ground.
Facing the reality that we can’t fly out, we had to ski out with our motors on about 14 miles back to the cars. We told our wives that if we didn’t report that afternoon to send in the rescue party. It was insanely strenuous but we made it out.
If you’d like to get into the sport, I highly recommend checking out the pros at