I think I have to create a new category called “Hybrid” for films like this. It’s a wedding/engagement combo, and I like it. And I have really grown a liking to elopements, or really small weddings for the sake that they feel so real, and not caught up in the timeline and events of the day. I love these guys.


Another hybrid. It all started when the forecast called for rain on Matt and Aubrey’s wedding day. So between that and sharing time with the photographer, I decided to meet up with them a week before the wedding and get some fun shots ahead of time like an engagement film. Well, turned out to be something pretty awesome.


You might think we filmed Anh & John’s engagement film over the course of a year. But as it turned out, we had all four seasons — a spring grove, summer sun, an autumn meadow, and winter snow — all in less than 2 days. Sometimes magic happens. And we’re happy we were there for it.


This one kinda started it out for us all, but we still like it. We ran a promo for a quick shoot around Sacramento and surrounding areas to create this golden, stylish and fun engagement film.


I’ve never seen this side of San Francisco before. We shot this whole thing in the middle or on the outer skirts of the big city. David and Lisa were geared up for an incredible day and were complete ballers. Literally. It was cold and dark at the end of the day and they still wanted to do some b-ball shots. Not to mention that they treated us to some delicious food, this trip was definitely worth it.