The Toll Road Trailer: Coming soon will be my first official Documentary/Adventure/Drama as friends fly through the American southwest and deal with losing a close friend.


It’s finally here. Enjoy the full length show. Approximately 23 minutes. It was nice to also have to opportunity to score the music for this piece as well (with a cover song at the end). Thanks to all who have helped in the making of this tribute. For Jeff.


An adventurous trip in Monument Valley, UT through Navajo land. It’s quite surreal to be able to fly to a place where it’s questionable if any human has ever been to. With light weight and compact gear we were abler to carry it with us on our paramotors and enjoy this thrill.


Here’s a quick recap of some of the locations and projects filmed in 2012-2013. There’s no way to put all the locations and people I want into this but it reminds me of the wild ride it’s been over the past 2 years.


I met up with the Fly Halo guys in Glamis and at the Salton Sea Fly-In where I got to fly along side them while they threw down this eye candy. If you’d like to get into the sport, I highly recommend checking out the pros at