Ryan in Iceland

I officially started filming near the end of 2001 where I did a friend’s wedding and it sort of took off from there. Had I known as a kid that I could actually be making videos for a living I may have chosen a different educational path. Regardless, I value having a BA in Japanese and an MBA.

I have 5 kids. Yep, and a beautiful wife to go with them all. To say I love adventure is an understatement. It is the elixir of youth. There’s beauty and an unexplainable feeling you get when you climb a really tall tree, or go way back into the backcountry where it’s just you and the mountains. Somehow this has become a philosophy and training ground in my life… that by sweat and going the extra mile to get that impossible view/experience/shot – it is worth it.

My life in my head is a constant movie in the making. Whenever I’m in a magical place like flying on the tops of clouds or on the cliffs of Iceland, I’ve got the soundtrack already playing in my head. I do love my moments of solitude. Music and meditation I feel is the core to my creativity and inspiration, and has led me to compose music for my most recent films. Do I love sleeping under the stars while listening to Sigur Ros? Yes.

Where I’ve arrived today shouldn’t go without saying that I’ve had great folks to work with. Damon, John, Jonathan, Romney… these guys are the best. Somewhere around 2008, John and I decided to combine his stylish photography skills with my video since we felt like the industry needed a single solution where the style and feel for both photo and video matched. Hence, Iris and Light was born. A single company with both products that doesn’t have to compete, rather, works together to get the best shots.

Happy trails my friends and may all your wildest dreams come true. Fly on.