The Toll Road :: Trailer

Two years ago a bunch of us guys who like to fly paramotors set off on a journey across the American southwest. We did the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, the Salt Flats and more, eventually ending up at Burning Man. It was an incredible trip to say the least. The sites you can see from the air are unlike any other. At that time, I had hoped to just put together a fun reel of a bunch of dudes messing around having a good time on this adventure, but 2 weeks after the trip I got a call saying that Jeff Toll, one of our flying crew and friend, had had an accident flying and passed away. It was definitely a moment when we all just stayed grounded and mourned for his loss.

I then felt a deep desire to try and make this as good of a film as it could possibly be in Jeff’s honor so we all set out again to go fly the same locations and the others Jeff wanted to do next time with us. So this is a story of our adventure through the skies, roads, and friendship. I was asked to enter it into The Coupe Icare (the largest free flight film festival) where it is now, just a few days before its public screening in France. It won’t be long before the full film will be posted here. In the mean time, enjoy this trailer.